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Empowering fashion brands with innovative design, sustainable sourcing, and exceptional craftsmanship. From design to delivery, KL Design Group is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and helping your brand succeed in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

Knit Facility

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Who We Are

KL Design Group is a premier, reliable design house and manufacturer of woven and knitted high-quality garments. With design and development offices in the UK, and advanced manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh and India, we offer world-class design expertise seamlessly integrated with an efficient, compliant supply chain. Our innovative designs, coupled with a commitment to sustainability, ensures the creation of exceptional products that exceed expectations.

Established in 2002

Leading the way in fashion design excellence for over 20 years.

Trendsetter In Apparel Design & Manufacturing

KL Design Group’s excellence in innovative manufacturing and design has made us an invaluable partner to clients worldwide. Our expert designers in the UK and Bangaldesh stay at the forefront of fashion trends to develop cutting-edge styles.

Manufacturing Partner for 200+ brands worldwide

Apparel Crafting Expertise: From Concept to Creation

From cutting and sewing to knitting and dyeing, KL Design Group offers a comprehensive range of apparel craftsmanship services. Our skilled artisans and technicians ensure that every product is crafted to perfection, meeting the highest standards of quality and style.


Our highly experienced professionals work with the most latest technology, and therefore all the pieces are cut in the most precise and accurate way. We are maintaining top-notch quality from pattern making to final cut pieces


Our state-of-the-art knitting machines, combined with our experienced team, enable the making of complex, durable knit fabrics. With our knitting skills, a variety of styles and patterns can be created.


Our woven garment production combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. From intricate patterns to durable everyday wear, our woven fabrics are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and design.

Dyeing & Laboratory

Our modern dyeing facilities ensure consistent, vibrant, and long-lasting colors. Our in-house laboratory conducts rigorous tests to maintain color fastness and quality in the cloth.


Our washing techniques enhance the look, feel, and durability of the garments. From enzyme washes to stone washing, our processes are eco-friendly and deliver outstanding results.

Printing & Sewing

Our printing department makes vibrant concepts a reality using methods like screen printing and digital printing. Our highly skilled team ensures that every single piece is sewn with perfection in detail and quality.

⁠Product Gallery

Explore our extensive product gallery to discover the latest trends and styles in woven and knit garments. From casual wear to formal attire, our collection showcases the best of KL Design Group’s craftsmanship and creativity.

Upholding Ethical Standards

Compliance is followed in every stringent way possible at KL Design Group. From the set international standards to regulations, we ensure that our products are ethically sourced, responsibly produced, and are safe for both our workers and customers. Our compliance efforts can be justified by:


KL Design Group ensures sustainability in all operational aspects. We remain committed to reducing our environmental impacts through our entire supply chain. Our sustainability initiatives include the reduction of environmental harm as well as the promotion of ethical practices in our supply chain.